Robby Carroll

Robby-CarrollWelcome! Most likely you are visiting my webpage because you are exploring the possibility of entering into a process of counseling.

In my experience the most important indicator of success in the therapeutic relationship comes from the training and experience of the therapist coupled with the chemistry between client and therapist.

I have had the privilege of working with families and individuals through many of life’s challenges and transitions for over 30 years and have discovered that most folks can find their way through many difficult times if given a safe space to explore what is holding them back.

I have trained in many counseling modalities from psychoanalysis to cognitive behavioral therapy as well as hypnosis and experiential therapy. All of these ways of engaging have value and I find it helpful to draw on all in the process of therapy.

Often the answers to life’s challenges are found through a combination of reflections shared between therapist and client co-creating new pathways. A safe, confidential time and place is a major element in transformative therapy.

In choosing a therapist I suggest setting up an initial appointment to determine if there is a good fit and rapport between therapist and client. Or if you are considering working with a group, I also offer regular groups for those with addictions and their loved ones. When dealing with addiction I have found that a certain power towards health comes from open honest group interaction.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with anyone who has found their way to this site to discover if we can work together in a way that will prove beneficial to you.

Give me a call or text at: (404) 216-3882
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